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We envision a world in which managing the health of seniors is effortless.

With us, it's personal

15 years in medicine taught me one thing: it's too hard for patients, especially seniors.

“Several years ago, my relatively healthy grandfather had a minor injury and - despite coming from a family of doctors - nursing him back to health was surprisingly harder than we thought. When he was in the nursing home, he had limited access to physicians. When he was at home, getting a handle on his chronic conditions was a full time job filled with one hurdle after another.

I realized how lucky we were - my father and I are both physicians and my sister was in med school. We knew what to do. But what about others?

And that's how I decided to make it my mission to reimagine healthcare for seniors and make getting the right care effortless.

Anurag Gupta, MD
CEO and founder of Tembo Health

Our Values

At Tembo, we have a big mission. To make this mission a reality, we believe certain values are key to our work:
  • Patients First. We're here to make the lives of patients better and every activity has this in mind. We are here to support them and in so doing, improve overall healthcare.
  • Aim High. It doesn't matter whose idea it is, if it's a great idea, let's do it! We’re not looking to incrementally change, but we’re aiming for the big rocks that will make a splash and impact.
  • Get Stuff Done. Ideas are nothing without implementation. Try things, break stuff, learn and improve so that we’re always moving forward.
  • We believe in constantly learning and applying knowledge to find innovative solutions. Share and workshop ideas to get to great answers. Be open to outside perspectives. Find inspiration in unexpected places.
  • Prioritize What Matters.We believe in making an impact sooner rather than later. Know what it takes to accomplish a goal and not be afraid to put in the work. We want to be able to ruthlessly prioritize and focus on the important activities.
  • Be Smart, Stay Curious.
Tembo means “elephant” in Swahili.

Elephants, like humans, are one of the few species that take care of their elders. At Tembo, we strive everyday to make that very important and sacred action easier and more effective. So we thought it appropriate to name the company after elephants and chose the name “Tembo Health.”

Our Investors

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