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Dementia care that improves outcomes and reduces spend

Members have access to a dedicated team of expert providers, nurses, and specialists designed to help families more easily manage dementia.

Increased access to care - 24/7

Each member has a dedicated care team for around-the-clock questions, education, and support. Connect with a provider within minutes, even for last minute emergencies or after hours needs.

Improved health outcomes

Offering patients and caregivers support beyond the physician’s office, we help reduce barriers to care and increase adherence to care plans.

Lower overall healthcare spend

With care management and health monitoring, our teams reduce unnecessary emergency room visits, hospital readmissions, and avoidable utilization.

Integrated and coordinated care

Have a clearer picture of your members’ health as our services help maintain members and work with providers to ensure everyone is up to date on care.

The problem

Per a 2021 Milliman study, the dementia population accounts for ~8.5% of Medicare beneficiaries: However, the unique intersection of psychiatric and medical issues leads to:

Of inpatient hospitalizations
More ER visits
Increase of total costs
PMPY costs for an MA members with dementia

Our approach


Cognitive and behavioral assessments and evaluations to better understand where a member is in their care journey.


Everyone's situation is different. We develop personalized care plans that meet your members' specific needs and goals.


Members and caregivers are guided by care navigators through monitoring, regular check-ins, care coordination, and medication review.


On-demand escalation support and caregiver counseling and education to help your members and their caregivers.

Partner with us

Tembo Health provides your members and their families much needed support and guidance during their dementia journey. Reach out to us to learn more of how our services can serve your health plans and members.

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